Marriage Problems: 3 Marriage Problems Caused By Being A Weak Wife


There are a lot of marriage problems that occur here and there that result when you don’t put in the effort to become strong. You might think that your man is the only one who has to be strong, but that simply isn’t the case. Have you ever heard the saying, “behind every powerful man is a powerful woman?” Your man relies on you for his strength. If you’re not strong, the marriage is slowly going to break apart. It might even be breaking apart now because you’re not trying hard to be strong. Here are the problems that you may encounter and how to address them.

1. He Can’t Rely On You

As I mentioned in the first paragraph, your man does have to rely on you for strength. If you’re not there when he needs you, he’s going to feel lonely and unsupported when he needs you the most. You have to be there and support him at his lowest points. Us guys pretend like we’re all macho and aloof but really, we marry women because we want to be loved and to feel protected by you.

2. About To Break

When the wife is weak, the marriage tends to feel like it’s about to break at any moment. For example, if she really can’t handle the truth about the fact that her husband is falling out of love with her, she may end it there and then. The man doesn’t want this. We desperately want to tell you, but since we know that you can’t handle it, we just keep it inside. This is extremely unhealthy for the relationship in the long run.

3. He’ll Go Wandering…

Ultimately, if he can’t rely on you for help, he will go looking for other women from which he can rely on. If he’s tried encouraging you to get stronger emotionally or mentally and you simply give up, he will give up on you too. You have to realize that us guys need you to be strong in our lives. A lot of the time, us guys treat you like our anchor. You keep us from becoming sad and lonely. A lot of men need their wife more than they need him.

These marriage problems can be fixed if you’re a strong wife. It is hard to get stronger, you will need to put in some effort but if it means that your man will love you more and your marriage will be unbreakable, isn’t it worth the effort?


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