My Favorite Bedtime Stories from The Holy Quran (Islam for Kids Series)

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Stories of the Coran give us hope and comfort, knowing that people in the past went through similar experiences and struggles that we go through. Stories of the Holy Quran teach us morals and ethics. Stories of the Quran increase our Iman (Faith) in Allah (God), the Glorious.

★★ My Favorite Bedtime Stories from The Holy Quran ★★ aims to share some of the Holy Quran’s beloved stories to our young ones so they can learn more about Allah, the Holy Quran, our beautiful religion of Islam, and some of God’s Messengers and Prophets that He sent down to us to relay His Message. This Islam children’s book comes with delightful, colorful illustrations to help your child understand each story. This goodnight bedtime stories from the Quran features famous stories of various Prophets that are mentioned in the Holy Quran, including Allah Story as well as the story of Prophet Adam, Prophet Joseph, & Prophet Abraham, peace be upon them all, and more, as well as other popular stories, like the story of the young companions of the Cave and the companion of the two gardens. Nothing beats sitting with your child and bonding with them with beneficial and interesting stories from Koran.

The Stories from Quran included in this Islamic Children Book Include:

  • The Story of Prophet Adam and eve in Quran Satan Caused them to Eat from the Forbidden Tree
  • The Story of Prophet Noah’s Ark in Quran Building His Ship & the Flood
  • The Story of Prophet Hud Arrogant People Went from Strength to Nothing
  • The Story of Prophet Saleh The She-Camel of God That They Killed
  • Surah Kahf Story; The Young Men of the Cave That Slept for Over 300 Years
  • The Story of Prophet Muhammad God’s Sends His Last Messenger & Prophet to Us
  • The Story of Prophet Jesus The Attempt to Crucify Prophet Jesus
  • Prophet Jonah in Quran (Yunus) Swallowed by a Big Fish
  • The Story of Ibrahim in Quran Smashing and Destroying Idols
  • The Story of Abraham Leaving His Family Behind in a Barren Desert Valley
  • The Companion of the Two Gardens From A lot to Nothing
  • Story of Musa (Moses) in Quran; The Arrogant & Oppressive Pharaoh & The Escape from Egypt
  • The Sabbath-Breakers Those Who Fished on the Day of the Sabbath—the Forbidden Day to Fish
  • The Story of Cain and Abel The First Crime Committed on Earth
  • Story of Ayyub in Quran (Prophet Job) What a Great Servant he was to Allah Who Practiced Great Patience

Grab this cute my first Quran storybook for your child!

♥♥ About The Sincere Seeker Kids Collection ♥♥

The Sincere Seeker Kids Collection is designed to introduce and teach your children the essentials they need to know about Allah (God), the Holy Koran, Islam, Prophet Mohammad, peace be upon him, Hadith for kids, the five pillars of Islam, the 6 articles of faith in Islam, & more in an easy, fun, & educational way. The love of Allah is already instilled in our children’s hearts, and it is our duty as parents to help develop, nurture, & sustain that love & bond at an early age. A fun way to start introducing these concepts to your children is through reading to them & encouraging them to read. Nothing beats sitting with your children & bonding with them with beneficial & interesting concepts of Islam & the Coran. Every page in each book introduces a topic with delightful, colorful illustrations to help your children understand & appreciate each component of Islam


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