The Holy Quran: Made Easy for Kids – Vol. 1, Surah 1-10

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The Holy Quran Made Easy surah 1 to 10 (selected ayahs), is here to help you and your child (5+ years) on the journey of understanding the Holy Quran, as well as to assist in the progression of understanding Islam on a basic level. This is the first book in a  collection of books that are not a translation but an adaptation of specially selected ayahs (for ages 5+) of the Holy Quran, which have been approved by religious scholars.

The Surahs (selected ayahs) included in this book are: 

Surah al Fatiha
Surah al Baqarah
Surah ale Imran 
Surah an Nisa
Surah al Ma’idah 
Surah al An’am
Surah al A’raf
Surah al Anfal
Surah at Tawbah
Surah Yunus

About the author 

Amal Al-Aride is a children’s author with more than 10 years experience in children’s broadcasting, screenwriting and production. 

Kasim Al-Janabi is a hugely talented illustrator and frame by frame animation director with 8 years experience in broadcasting.


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