The Promise of Ten: How an ordinary person can memorise the Qur’an in 6 months

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The story of a young man on the pursuit of memorising the Qur’an and the guiding steps anyone can take to lead a successful and significant life.

The Promise of Ten chronicles Qari Mubashir’s journey to the Qur’an and it’s memorisation. His story takes readers behind the scenes with stories and insights. This is a inspiring book that will give you the tools to make your own life a story worth telling.

It teaches lessons learnt at every stage of Hifz including (a) the start (b) the memorising phase (c) revision (d) teachers (e) the difficult moments and (f) productivity.

Who is The Promise of Ten: How an ordinary person can memorise the Qur’an in 6 months for?

1. The Preserver (The Hafidh)

If you are someone who has memorised the Qur’an but you are struggling to maintain things, you need this book.

2. The Memoriser (want-to-be Hafidh)

If you want to make better plans, decisions, find a method that suits you, this book will help.

3. Want inspiration!

If you feel like it’s time to start working on your long old desire to memorise, this is the book for you.

Qari Mubashir began memorising the Qur’an when he was just twelve years old, struggling down the path to a successful completion. A small incident created staggering series of events that eventually took Mubashir travelling through the lands of Egypt. Since then, he’s been teaching, studying further, and founding many initiatives.

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