Wisdom of the Quran

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The Quran is an exceptional book. It is considered in Islam as the literal word (verbatim) of God and not a human inspired text.Its content covers a wide range of subjects, from the deep philosophical to the practical ones: information about God, arguments about His existence and Unity, the creation of the universe, moral values, family, social life and relations, prescription about the relationship of Man to God, messages about human destiny such as the hereafter and it is worth noting that even the question of the nature of God Himself is addressed many times, for example in the famous verse 24:35 “God is the Light of the heavens and the earth …”.Clarifications and answers are also given to the question of the purpose of life.The moral values such as freedom, moderation, modesty, justice, mercy, patience, tolerance, sacredness of human life, respect of engagements, honesty, doing good to others, etc., are advocated in a very special way. Usually, moral conclusions are drawn from the relevant experiences and stories reported about people in the past, in particular, Jewish and Christian to which a wide part of the Quran is devoted, while pointing out that the diversity in beliefs reflects a God´s will and therefore tolerance is a fundamental principle in that matter.The Quran defines itself as a book that provides guidance, moral references to men and sense to life and existence.The purpose of this book is, first to present concisely the main lines of the message and parts of the wisdom contained in the Quran with an attempt to remain objective and factual, and second to provide an introduction that helps for an exhaustive reading of the Text. The topics covered are : the spiritual side (including a detailed chapter on prayer with its goals and power according to the Quran), moral values, the high value given to work, good deeds and learning, conception of the world (including the creation of the universe and Man, etc.), tolerance, a presentation of the structure, style and content of the Quan, in addition to some selected topics. A second part provides some thematic extracts of the Quran that covers several important subjects.It will be shown that the Quran is a highly specific and subtle book that conveys a message of wisdom, tolerance and moral improvement for humankind, to all the people.A modern and concise presentation of the message of the Quran, helping for an exhaustive reading. The values of tolerance and peace are emphasized.


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