My Husband Told Me That He’s Sexually Attracted to Another Woman – Tips and Advice That May Help

Over the weekend, I received an email from a frantic woman who said that her husband had admitted that he is sexually attracted to a co worker.  The husband swore that nothing had happened between them. There had allegedly been no sex and no physical contact, but the husband was guilty about the attraction and … [Read more…]

History of Bipolar Disorder

The documented history of bipolar disorder dates back as far as the time of ancient Greece, over 2000 years ago. Even then the extremes of mood – melancholia (depression) and mania were clearly identified – as remitting fluctuating illnesses. It was Aretaeus of Cappadocia, a celebrated Greek physician, who first put forward that these extremes … [Read more…]

Do Workaholics Make Good Husbands?

Workaholic husbands often find to their dismay that they end up without a family. Almost 50% of divorces are initiated by women whose husbands are too busy at work and find no time for wife and children. Wives are becoming more assertive in expressing their needs and expectations. Husbands cannot just be providers. Many women … [Read more…]