Addiction Treatment and the Window of Opportunity – What to Do When Your Loved One Wants Help

When someone you care about decides they need help for their problem with drugs or alcohol, responding promptly by finding them the best drug rehabilitation facility is imperative. That moment of clarity at the end of an addict’s spree, is the most effective time for them to get the care they need. It’s during this … [Read more…]

EVOX Therapy Helps Reduce Stress, Improve Relationships and Overcome Obstacles

Long term stress can lead to depression, anxiety, sleep disorders, and numerous chronic health problems that can leave people feeling ‘stuck’, immobilized, or unable to overcome unhealthy situations. This pattern of being ‘stuck’ often keeps people from becoming their best self or working through challenges to achieve their goals and dreams. And in times of … [Read more…]

Gays and Lesbians Are Alcoholic Too

Alcoholism Is a Disease in the the Gay and Lesbian Population Too Alcoholism is a disease affecting people of all races, nationalities, social strata, and sexual orientations. Though sometimes viewed historically as a self-indulgence, a lack of personal control or other character weakness, our modern understanding of alcoholism as a disease has opened the door … [Read more…]

How to Support Someone With Alcohol Addiction

The American Medical Association (AMA) defines alcoholism or alcohol dependence as a primary, chronic disease with genetic, psychosocial, and environmental factors influencing its development and manifestations. Research shows that while some people develop a dependence on alcohol due to family history, childhood abuse or poor self-esteem, a few others get into alcohol use because of … [Read more…]

Rapid Detox Concerns

With prescription pain pill abuse on the rise, the medical community has come up with some rather novel ways in which to deal with the problem. One of the latest methods is Rapid Detox. Getting through the opiate withdrawal symptoms is seen as one of the harder challenges that an addict faces when he or … [Read more…]

Quit Smoking Aids – The 4D’s – Delay, Deep Breath, Drink Water and Do Something Else

Have you been fighting a battle against smoking but can’t seem to win? Have you spent your hard earned cash for various treatments and medications that have convinced smokers like you that they are 100% effective but don’t seem to have that much effect? That’s because you really can’t quit smoking if you just rely … [Read more…]