Gossipmongers – Stop Spreading Gossip



a person who enjoys talking about other people’s private lives: a person who spreads gossip

UGH! I can’t stand gossipmongers. Just thinking about them makes my body itch. Gossipmongers can be found anywhere. At home, school, church, work, social media, the mainstream media, the sports industry, the entertainment industry, in politics and this might come as a shock to most but you will definitely find gossipmongers lurking with a gossip to spread in the black conscious community. A gossipmonger doesn’t care about the truth if it hurts their doctrine. The bottom line is to spread lies to create friction, confusion and assassinate one’s character. 85% of the people who hear gossip will believe it. 10% of the people won’t believe it, but will add fuel to the fire to protect their interest. 5% of the people will see the lies disguised as truth wrapped around this gossip ball and expose the individuals spreading these lies or false information if you will… as gossipmongers. That’s usually how it goes down.

I have been studying and observing society in North America for 3 years and 8 months since my awakening. You see when one comes to an awakened state, the first year is an emotional roller coaster. You are a neophyte a beginner. So you alternate between feeling excited, happy and proud, to feelings of sadness, disappointment and anger when finding and learning about your roots. Your time is spent mostly regurgitating information from past leaders and activists. You are a neophyte a beginner that hasn’t really found his/her niche yet and you don’t really know what type of role you will play in this war, journey or however you like to define it, in uplifting the black community diaspora. So you join groups catered to uplifting the race and in these groups you find hundreds of different ideologies about our history, religion, and Africa. Now, what happens is, a beginner will come face to face with a charismatic leader. Attractive leader. Intellectual and articulate leader. You see, leaders with these characteristics can be the most dangerous when in front of individuals in their first year of awakening. Leaders with these characteristics understand they have a market for the rhetoric or doctrine that they spread. These types of leaders don’t care about the truth, they care about filling their pockets and getting laid. Of course, not all charismatic leaders are scammers. You have to be very strong mentally to see through the charm and muscles, large breast and pretty face. A more experienced conscious individual will see the signs and expose these gossipmongers, but a beginner is a prime beef.

Like I mentioned before, not all charismatic leaders are scammers. But it’s easy to spot one. All you have to do is approached them about false information that they said, wrote, or recorded for live view. Show them tangible facts/proof that backs up your argument that their information is wrong. Or ask them to show you tangible facts/proofs that prove what they are saying is truth. And no… Pictures, memes and a 5 minute YouTube video taken out of context are not proof. If these individuals just brush you off and continue spreading the lies, you just caught yourself a gossipmonger.

So in closing. For the people with a large following, you need to be careful when sharing information. Make sure to have cold hard facts to substantiate your position, especially when talking about other individuals, groups or organizations. Your followers look up to you and that is a great responsibility not be taken lightly.


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